They burst. They take it. They get hurt. Those are viewers at the games in Rio

The Brazilians shocked and humiliated him for the second time in two days. For the first time, a poisonous mixture of buzz and whistle on the run to the final attempt to take the gold to the domestic da Silva. It was poisoned for the second time at the ceremony. Even da Silva himself indicated with his arms: “What is it to be? Why are you doing this? “

Behind the backstage, the soccer comforted, holding his knee. They sat at the table with the legendary Bubba, who was also trying to encourage the Frenchman.Lavillene compared the hate backdrop to the atmosphere of the Nazi Games in Berlin in 1936 and hardly goes to Rio in the near future to leave.

It was by no means the only case of the rather brutal behavior of the local against their dear competitors. “The beetles as we touched the ball,” Marketa Slukka said after a collision with Brazil at the beach volleyball at Copacabana, where the announcer vainly attempted to tame the most scattered balls.

With all the joy they push their representatives to win. And with all their supremacy they intend to stop their opponents. As with their adorable football. It’s not just Lavillene that seems inappropriate at the Olympics. Even the organizers invited the visitors to the sports grounds to moderate: “Let’s see our opponents.The Olympics are not football. “

Marcos Sergio Silva El País wrote that part of the local population perceived happenings around them as favorite soap operas: “We see everything in black and white and we always need to pick a lottery.” ̈

And so, apparently, in Rio, lots of unpleasant sounds had to be heard Russian swimmer Jefimov or American sprinter Gatlin, previously a doping conviction.An aggravated political and economic situation is probably reflected in the rage that is raining from the stands. “Brazilians are looking for a valve, they need to get disappointed by the crisis,” said sports sociologist Mauricio Murad for the Quartz economic server. While some fans in the Olympics may be hostile, they may not be evil and hateful. For otherwise, this nation has a rather warm and cordial reputation.

“They just support theirs. He does not think it to us personally. They just have it thrown differently. That style of encouragement for their heroes is normal for them, “says Slukka volleyball player.

Her reflection is confirmed, for example, by Ronaldo Lemos, director of the Institute of Technology and Society in Rio:” Brazil is basically a very closed country.We do not meet foreigners every day, we do not travel very much. That’s why we fall under the notion that our morals are universal. “

Yes, suddenly it is a more understandable wild lollipop on other quiet shooting ranges. Unauthorized shooting in tennis audiences or cries between first and second delivery. Numerous disturbances of golfers by ringing unrestrained mobiles and clicks to launch the apparatus just before the sting. And other offenses against sports bonton.

But he would be stupid and cruelly unfair to the Brazilians. The whirlwind of their lovers in triumph is an impartial observer of uncontrolled body vibration. “Thiago. Thiago! Thiago !!! “to the bitch on the donkey da Silva.The young man, who grew up without parents, with his help raised his personal record and gold medal.

Maybe Del Potra, despite the traditional rivalry with Argentina, encouraged and sang. They touched him to silver, to tears of joy and happiness. “I’ve never seen such a splendor on the court,” he said.

Ghost Town

. Occasionally, there is a message about a carnival, but more sad sounds are heard. “This is the Olympic one of my three Olympic Games,” argued Barbora Spotakova. “Beijing and London were a celebration of the sport everyone lived for.Here you go around the pipes, Rio is not breathtaking. “

The surprise of the fancy fan of the recent football Euro in France is that Rio is surprisingly faint. Four years ago in London, the tickets were redeemed for a number of competitions several months ahead, in Rio amazed tens, hundreds and thousands of empty seats. The British Sun described him as a ghost town in exaggeration. Even the phenomenal Phelps did not sell the swimming arena. Only and only Sprinter Bolt had twice filled the athletic stadium.

The Brazilian did not like some of the contests at all. Of course, they are also picking out under the urgency that hit them. Tickets to many of them were really non-Christian.

Still, the organizers claimed that they had given them 80 to 90 percent.They explained the vacancies by not using the sponsors. And that audiences left the arenas because they lacked more restaurants and refreshment stalls.

Just in the early days the organizers confiscated the arrested traffickers over twelve thousand tickets, for which they were hardly looking for new owners. So fewer aliens arrived than expected – due to fears of terrorism, zic virus, or crime in a beautiful and dangerous city under the statue of Christ.

If the Olympics were held in a happier time, it could turn into a real sports carnival.