This is a disgrace for the club

This is a disgrace for the club, which puts itself in a row with the world’s grandees and has ambitions no lower than them. He did not use the failed organization of Spartak, did not even run over the opponent, and when it did, the ball flew to the stands, not to the grid. And there is no magic of the kiss of Artyom Rebrov and the bar, there are two non-mystical reasons for this failure.

Toothless predator. Why “Liverpool” – the most spineless club in the Champions LeaguePhoto: Championship, Evening Standard, UA-Football

First, the Merseyside was again helpless against the bus. Carrera just put a defensive 5-3-2 scheme, and the team patiently sat on the defensive and went on the attack when she saw the opponent’s misfire. Similarly, the English proletariat tears off glasses from Liverpool, parking a two-tiered British bus at the gate. That is, “Spartacus” kept the Reds according to the pattern, which was developed back in the year before last and is still active.

Secondly, the English could not stand their nerves, so they played so characterlessly. In dangerous episodes, the players behaved like Fernando Torres after a relapse of a knee injury – they were beating uncertainly, so the ball flew past or into the goalkeeper. And after the murdered moment they stood with frightened eyes, like El Niño after a miss in the goal of “MU”. They were tormented. They served the room and waited for this terrible dream to end, and they wake up in the sweat of their faces.

The outsider of the group has problems in everything – tactics, physics, moral preparation. “Liverpool” was enough two problems to act with him on an equal footing.

And unlike the situation in “Spartacus”, they arose not recently. About the shortcomings of the Merseyside with defensive teams, all England has spoken since the arrival of Klopp. He needs to change tactics or adapt it to the middle peasants – the most frequent statement among analysts. And psychology, oddly enough, is also its weak side. He lost five finals of six, he loses matches, where his teams are favorites. Is not it a sign that the German does not know how to set up a team for a particular match?