This year’s Dakar will go on quality and heart, says biker Klymčiw

But apparently, the eleventh place in the overall 2017 classification also made it even cheaper for this year. His stable, Klymčiw Racing, even built a new truck because its team grew up with other members.

“It was a terrible time and money,” said a 32-year-old driver for his Facebook when he briefly jumped to Bohemia a performance of the team from the favorite preparation in the Greek mountains.

More cyclists were added to Klymčiw and his last companion, 42-year-old Czech-American Petr Vlček (last year 67): historically first Czech in this class, 29-year-old Gabriela Novotná also the 51-year-old American Bill Conger, who left the Dakar premiere six years ago.

“We are such a curiosity.We have four racers and only four people in attendance. The usual statistics are 4 plus 20, “said Klymčiw.

The supporting staff is not missing his father Josef; his remnant is the indispensable trio of mechanics Petr Dokonal, Jan Boura and David Veselý, who will be a novice.

“However, he has a lot of experience from the competitions in Africa. Everyone knows what to do – we go to quality and not quantity. The people who will be with me will have a great heart and are willing to leave everything for us. That’s what’s most important, “said Ondřej Klymčiw.

For Novotna, who previously had motocross and enduro, Dakar will be a particularly tough test.Klymčiw was trying to give her maximum experience during the training.

“I think he’s ready,” he said. “I firmly believe that it will push it to the goal – my will.” He himself has an ambition of course much higher, he would like to get himself into an elite of ten, last year he missed only a few tens of seconds.


All riders who are now preparing for the start of the first leg of the legendary rally tomorrow in Lima, are equipped with Husqvarna racing machines.

“We also acted directly in the factory team, the background of multinational corporations, so it did not do it, “Klymčiw explained. “So we stayed with the support. I have two motorbikes borrowed from them and secured material during the race.I dare say that I’m going to help Dakar enough. It’s great to have such a partner behind you, “Klymčiwa said.

It would be a good idea for a stable in Peruvian sand, which only American Conger remembers. Klymčiw tried only the Chilean part of the Atacama Desert, Vlcek and, naturally, Novotná, and with similar dunes, they did not even ride behind the handlebars at their premiere in January 2015.

“About Peru I heard a lot of stories. But I do not solve the problems until I see them in front of a motorcycle. Then I adapt, “Klymčiw commented.