Třinec won the basic part. Liberec and Zlín are going, Pardubice traveled

Slapsed ruled the league right from the start, and most of the time they were in the first place, from which nobody else has moved. Now, however, they are expected to play a playver off as well, which will be a much more difficult task.

A lot of teams are fighting for the elimination part, especially the battle for the pre-round is very dramatic because many teams rectify season to the end of the season. Like Mlada Boleslav, which won the fifth consecutive victory – this time in Plzeň 4: 3 after a prolongation. Or Mladá Boleslav, which after 6th victory behind (defeated Olomouc unambiguously 6: 3) ninth place.Liberec on the 10th place, which after the 1: 5 loss in Litvínov fell Vítkovice, is missing four points.

A tight fight is also a sixth guarantee direct progress to the quarterfinals. Zlín, who won 4: 3 in Karlovy Vary, after a miserable start of the season, is trying to win it. The seventh is just the worst score, Pardubice has lost its position and lost the fifth place in a row – Sparta was not enough 1: 2.

Besides Třinec, Litvínov, Komety and Sparta, Hradec Kralove, who in the last match of this round defeated Slavia just 3: 2.

Třinec gets back to the winning wave. After three defeats behind him, which is an unprecedented balance, Hradec overcame his ice, and now he advised at home with Kometa.He decided to do so basically during the first third of his lead in 3: 0. Everything started tapped power play five to three Plíhal and after Žejdl, who scored with continued numerical advantage five to four.

Plzeň lost great-played duel, which resulted in a 3: 1. On the contrary, Liberec confirmed the rise of the form and a massive attack on the advance playoffs. They helped Jelínka’s goal to 3: 2, after which he even managed to make up Simek. The decision took place in the setting: at the time of 63:35 Filippi got a pass on the right circle and without a shot he hit the upper corner of the goal.

For Karlovy Vary a lot of misleading matches because they were one step ahead during the course.Until the beginning of the third period even led 2: 0, but the guests were enough for four minutes and was balanced: first he lowered Holik accurate shot into the upper corner and after him Rice compensated by the stop. The only successful shooter was Bedrich Köhler in separate raids.

Pardubice managed to enter the game – in the 10th minute they came into the lead. It was the center of the first lane, Marcinko, who had an accurate pass on the stick he knocked on the ice, and hit the open part of the goal. But at the beginning of the second part, the Spartist players settled in the power and five minutes before the end they decided: Mikus, after pushing his team, pushed the puck into the net. Hradec directed the first third to win.In her introduction, the former fighter Pospíšil opened the score with a perfect ring-wrist wrist, and at the 11th minute he added the second stroke Kudrna used by the power play. The Pragueers did not give up, but did not settle. Mertl reacted to Pletka’s lowering goal, and Vlasák’s use of the power gave red and white hope, but remained only with her.

If anybody doubted the result, he would soon be clear. After 40 seconds, Musil made a penalty shoot-out, and in a minute and a half he added Pacovsky’s second shot and at 5:26 it used a power shot and a Robara shot from blue was already 3: 0. The truth, Olomouc has withdrawn the result in the course of the match, in contrast to a single goal, but the domestic calmed down at the beginning of the third part Stříteský. Litvínov confirmed the role of the favorite and won a clear difference.He helped him enter the game when he scored for 41 seconds with a sharp swing to the back stick of Šrámek. The guests were long in the game, a break occurred in the second half of the game, when Severočesi added two more goals by the end of the second period. At the end, the debacle had already slowed down two and a half minutes before the end of Štencel.