Two fighters and one solution to the dispute. Which one will end in Chicago?

Bulls already knew that this year will be challenging. In the summer, they dispelled the dissatisfied stars of Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade, and decided to build on a rejuvenated squad led by Finnish youngster Laurim Markkanen.

This season, ambitions have been directed instead to winning team chemistry and building the team for the future. Coach Fred Hoiberg announced in preparation for the entire team to step down and pull everyone behind one rope.But it broke up in a single blow.

On October 17, Mirror and Portis, both playing the same post, were crazy about the training when their fists began to fly, and the Mirotič had to face the wounds in his face.

Portis has been suspended for eight games and everything has faded in time.

But the soon-to-be-wounded Mirotist with the ultimate. “If you want me in a team, you have to get rid of Portis or vice versa,” he said.

Bulls even planned Miroti’s rehabilitation at the training center, he did not want to see his own words.

Meanwhile, an eight-point penalty was passed for Portis and he returned to the group.He immediately showed great performance when 21 points and 13 rebounds nearly helped the troublesome Bulls to make a big turn against favored Toronto. Although the Chicago lost 114: 119, Portis’s performance was definitely taken. After a match with Indiana and Portis 20 points plus 11 rebounds and a match with San Antonio, which brought the young pivot 17 points and six rebounds. Each time he was the best shooter even the best player of his team.

Looking out from outside, it seems clear that the rest of the team should be Mirotik, but that’s different. Michigan teammakers from the city agree that Portis’ behavior was inappropriate. On the other hand, however, the Mirotič had been in pity in previous weeks and he was superior to the other teammates, which did not like anyone.When Portis Mirotist started the training session, the Portis 22-year-old probably had enough.

“We just know what’s really going on in the cloakroom. Now it’s Mir’s problem, “said Justin Holiday.” Portis said he was trying to connect Mirotic both with a call and with a text message, but he did not get any answer. The players therefore agree that leaving Mirotič hurt, even if no one says loud.

“I want to be the best teammate as it goes. My role is to bring the team out of the bench when it fails. That’s what Hoyberg and co-players expect from me.