Wawrinka: Djokovic is better than me, so I am happier

Stanislas Wawrinka is finally received. In päťsetovej battle overcame the biggest favorite Australian Open Novak Djokovic.

I obtain in Melbourne fourth title in a row and fifth overall. The Swiss came out perfect revenge for last year’s defeat in the fourth round. Then lost the fifth set 12:10, now it gained 9: 7th Furthermore ended 28 match winning streak Djokovic.

“It was last year our struggle terribly difficult. Novak is certainly better tennis player than me. That I am happier that I beat him today, “said Wawrinka in the first interview with commentator Jim Courier.

“he seizes his chance. He showed that it is mentally strong and deservedly won the big prize.I gave everything to the best of what I knew, but this time it was not enough, “said Djokovic. The last ball of the match Wawrinka – Djokovic

In March Dvadsaťdeväťročný Swiss evidenced by the beginning of the year, the higher the older, the better. Continues excellent performance from the end of last season, when the US Open for the first time in his career fought his way to the Grand Slam semifinal.

“It’s a huge surprise, as Djokovic played at the end of last season unbelievable tennis.I thought that this will continue, because in that form he had, he would beat Wawrinka is difficult, “said SME Dominik Hrbatý.

Former Slovak unit thinks for unexpected victory to be sought and that you Wawrinka against Djokovic believes. His words confirm the latest statistics. For experienced tennis player, although it was only the third win of eighteen mutual duels, but the Australian Open 2013 and the US Open 2013 will be decided only in five sets. Becker started badly

“Wawrinka Djokovic meets style. He believes you against it, because they played päťsetový third match in a row.Rather, I think that now in semi discarded Wawrinka Tomáš Berdych, “said Hrbaty.

Djoković not record the result of Boris Becker. For new coach this is a very bad start, since the Australian Open is the world number two most popular long tournament. In addition, in the quarterfinals he dropped Srb last time in 2010 at Roland Garros. Since then she won five Grand Slam titles, and four times he played in the final.

“I’ve just thought about it. Todd Martin finished with him follows quickly in 2009. He and others who helped him slip. Always she returned eventually to Marian Vajda. Becker is definitely different and I think that just will not end.We’ll see how it will be for the next tournaments, “he added Slovak tennis player, who does not consider the connection Becker – Djokovic for the happiest.

“Becker produced a completely different style of play and has a different thinking. I think that Djokovic needs a coach who played more from the baseline. Difficult to change the thinking of one of the best players. It does not work from day to day. Hardly anybody to quickly learn and the game can not believe the new game. So I think that it will not be long sit Becker. ”

After falling to Djokovic it remains Hrbatý biggest favorites for the title Rafael Nadal. “If I had to pick the strongest player, it’s Nadal.I do not know is tom Murray after injuries. Regarding Roger Federer. I do not know whether to beat two elite players behind him. “