We came to the Unibet match responsibly, “Shilhavy said

The fighters won the 10th round of the first 3: 0 league in Hradec Kralove and prolonged their four-game winning streak. In addition, they did not add 362 minutes. Slavia took the lead thanks to Milan Škoda, and the decision came in three minutes of the second half, when Jaromír Zmrhal and Antonín Barák took the lead. Hockey did not get back to his own stadium, which was Unibet going through the reconstruction at the beginning of the season.

“I’m glad for such a result. what I would imagine, the result speaks for everything.”

Hradec was slightly renovated by his old arena, he returned from his temporary home in Mladá Boleslav and immediately welcomed an attractive rival. , who was the favorite, and the Zmrhal representative was active in the first place.

The good chances were at the beginning of Mingazov, Škoda, Hušbauer, but none of them hit the gates, Hradec was screaming from the beginning and too cautious. he managed a giant mistake to lead Slavia stoper Chleboun on the 24th minute with goalkeeper keeper Ottmarov and the strong Škoda, who then turned Ottmara in a nice arc.

Only a minute passed and Chleboun the error has partially failed.From the empty gate he kicked Barak’s shot and prevented a certain goal. “In my mistake, I wanted to kick it first, Unibet live but then I decided to give the ball the goalkeepers. I had to put it in the car, give the balloon somewhere away, it was a terrible feeling, even though I was a bit short of a goal. In the meantime, we did not play much and we would get such a goal, “Chleboun regretted.

Hradec then showed that his previous relatively good performance after returning to the league is not accidental. But in the end he did not. Polom, however, had a very good position after a straight kick from the center kick.

The second half started with Ottmar’s super-goalkeeper Hertz goalkeeper at Frydrych’s clear opportunity.After that, the home was probably the most striking option when he was firing at seventeen meters of the Vlkanov, but his shot to the pole Pavlenka set off.

The key moments came about twenty minutes before the end. In the 72nd minute, Hušbauer won the final sixth and the exact center found Dirty, which increased to 2-0.

“The second goal was very important for us, “ said Josef Hušbauer after the Unibet game. “We now believe more, which has been reflected in the last matches, and it’s something else we’ve come up with, we’ve got a face, we’re still playing in one, which is also beneficial.But now it’s important that we keep it, “he added.

Two minutes later, with a blow to the left, Barak was able to get a shot at the front pole. winners clear.

“We wanted to slap Slavia far more. Halfway we said it was not like that, it must be a war, we have to work on every meter of the pitch. The performance was better, but then Slavia scored two goals in a quick success and it was decided that “ was rated by Hradec coach Milan Frimmel.