We got through our fingers, the Pilsen Stach recognized after defeating Zlín

“We got over our fingers. I believe we will learn, we will prepare for Friday’s match and we will manage it, “said David Stach, striker of the only Pilsen goal.

With Škoda not having managed to reach the winning series to number eight, he was not too disturbed. “That’s not what you mean. It is great that we won, but none of us certainly did not think it was going to be the end of the season, “Stach said.” But it’s a shame we did not do that, “added David Sklenička . “I think we’ve been a better team since the second third. If we played from the beginning, the game could look different. ”

At the end of the regular time, 1: 1, Glass had a great chance to send his team back to the lead.He found himself in front of Kašík, but the Zlin goalie caught him. “What was missing? Just a bigger hockey art, I was better off solving it. “In the extensions, Sklenička and Stach were on the ice when Ondráček stayed alone in front of Svoboda and made a quick shot after the ice. “We had a puck and we wanted to move. Suddenly the game turned around, the puck then grabbed the mantinel, and we did not take their players badly, “Stach said.

It was more sorry for Pilsen to miss the 5-to-3 power game that lasted 67 seconds. The great Pashik but destroyed all the wounds. “There it broke, we could not bounce them again.And who does not use such power does not deserve to win, “acknowledged the attacker Škoda.

Pilsen, with Zlin, has begun a five-match series at the home Home Monitoring Arena. Continue on Friday when Litvínov arrives, Škoda hosts Třinec, Mladá Boleslav and Olomouc.

“We are in the table first, everyone wants to pull us and surprise us, we play more or less in each match favorites. So far, we are doing well and I will be glad to continue with this, “said Sklenička.

The second Hradec Králové has now six points.