We run the league. I hope we can keep it going, “Baros joked

It is thanks to Ostrava for the winning return to the league. It would be a bit reminiscent of the Brno fans, some of whom were shouting impatiently. Baník at the start of the league pushed home the Zbrojovka 3: 1 mainly thanks to his icon.

“Bars are a legend. He helped us a lot, “said Robert Hrubý, an almost admired Ostrava midfielder, who arranged the first guest intervention. But the key was the Baroš’s. Maybe it’s not the fast-paced river that floods the defenders or, in short, all the rages. But the goal instinct remained in him. In the 73rd minute, he waited for Denise Granečný’s top center and headed it to the nearest rod.

“I was a little in the lactate after the previous duel, but the guys got it right on the front pole and I waited for rear.Grañas put it beautifully, I closed my eyes and dropped it into the gate, “said the thirty-five-year-old striker at 2: 1. When he entered the playground less than an hour, the horde in white-haired fans of Baník welcomed him with applause. And the Brnans had problems. “The bars went there to hold the balloon and eventually threaten something he did. This is his game, which always adorned him. He is strong on the balloon, he can hold it, give up and get to the end. It proved, “said Brno midfielder Jan Polák.

The Baroš could have brought the Zbrojovka to another damage. Immediately after his strike he made a clear chance of Martin Susa, then shot himself just next to him. Is not it a sin to hide such a trump on the bench?

“It’s Milan Baros, personality and even down fans, but he’s in competition.In preparation for me, (Tomáš) Poznar with (Jakub) Šašinkou was doing better, “coach Radim Kučera explained. “Bars normally took it. He had the advantage that both of the attackers worked, tired the defenders, and it was a lot easier for him. ”

Tah Baroos went out perfectly, but he was doing well with Baník. “The whole manchaft has left it. We got slap (in general) with Třinec and it was good. Everyone sat back on their butt and started to ride, “said Baros. He used the bench in the first half to look at the hungry teammates who were burning from the beginning of the Arms. “In the first half they made a lot of chances, we could just put three goals. There is still such inexperience, perhaps nervousness, but it is good that we get into those chances.I hope the guys will calm down and work on the end, although the three goals are fantastic, “said Baroš.

The work of the Ostrava defensive was also done by him. “We were good at back. As both Sindy (Martin Shindelar) and Poky (Jakub Pokorny) on Wednesday, the riders were also responsible and pushed it out. That’s why we’re going fast and the transition stage is good. ”

What exactly does Banik mean so good start? “First, is not it? We run the league. I hope we can keep it to a close, “Baroš laughed.

But he quickly corrected himself. “So far, it does not mean anything. It’s a great start, a little calming, but we must not stop working. We still have to say that we are new, keep moving and not satisfied.Next week, we are waiting for a terribly heavy opponent, we try to surprise them and do something with them, “reminded the Ostrava idol of the match with Slavi.