When he was young

Former Barcelona assistant coach Angel Cappa even argue that Messi era finally ends. Apparently he lost his appetite for football. Goals, loops, inimitable, phenomenal pieces. For ten years, he wears jersey Barcelona first team, Lionel Messi ranked among the best in football history.

Now, if .

And that is what might be found in a different league. Therefore, the situation around Messi let the rest of the European giants. English and Spanish media at the moment agree that Barcelona will be the star of the summer strive Manchester City. And money certainly will not be a problem. Such speculation now additionally fueled the player himself. Messi had yesterday added the “followers” Citizens Instagram account where this club yet not subscribe. Now the smallest detail can sometimes indicate many. Giant estate on behalf of Bayern Munich is still expanding. It resembles an insatiable monster that consumes everything around it. Dominance Bavarian Colossus is gaining greater and greater speed, .

On the other hand, City alone coach Manuel Pellegrini has not this move can not imagine. When he was at the press conference asked whether Messi will be a real effort, really laughed. “Just rumors,” he told reporters after attending. One thing is clear. If Lionel Messi really want to leave Barcelona, ​​for those who are serious will be no shortage. The decision is up to the players themselves. It’s a warrior! Although the best footballer of the world done in a friendly match on Argentine soil Romania (0: 0) ill and vomited right on the field, the match had finished.

Nausea. Leaves Lionel Messi from Barcelona? Even a recently unthinkable things have lately increasingly speculating. Star of the Catalan club said he was not totally satisfied . Battles Vancouver, Calgary lately are no dozen spectacle. When these two rivals clashed last of which was mass brawl after two seconds of the game and handed out a total of 204 penalty minutes.