When it’s okay, it’s the best in the world, praising Hazard’s teammates

Belgian Eden Hazard has been worried about Chelsea almost all season and has not confirmed the reputation of one of the best players in the world. When he started to wake up to the European championship, he showed his capability in the eight-finals with a goal and helped to win a 4-0 win over Hungary. “It was almost an ideal match. “It was a performance that fans say we played real football, as a team we did a really good job, we had a lot of chances, and we almost did not allow the Hungarians to evaluate the Hazard game.” >

The Belgian captain first found 78 minutes after Michy Batshuayie, who easily increased to 2: 0 and decided to make progress.Just 94 seconds later, Hazard took the ball to the left, passed two defenders and scored a third goal from the limit of lime. The whole game was very active and employed Hungarian defense.

“When he is cool and feels good, he is the best footballer in the world,” said Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois Is also a Chelsea Hazard partner. “The only thing he could do better was to decide the game much earlier,” added Courtois with a smile.

Hazard already has three assists in the tournament, the same number he has collected For the whole season in Chelsea, which failed him or his club.In the Belgian team, he helped with the confidence of coach Marco Wilmots, who even entrusted Captain Tape in the absence of Vincent Company. “A lot of people wondered why I made him a captain, but he had to grow up He does not speak much, but he lets his legs talk and he’s done it today, “said Wilmots after Sunday’s eight-finals. “I told him that if he was going to play goals and play, let him use it in the front, and he needed to play on the pitch,” the Belgian coach said, “that his star does not engage in defensive tasks.” > He believes that a 25-year-old midfielder is able to get Belgium into the first finale since 1980. “I know what he is capable of,” added Wilmots.