With autumn, Trnava will be racing against the master. Will the record improve?

Trnava. Sunday morning’s 17th round of FC Spartak Trnava’s highest football match – SK Slovan Bratislava watched the highest number of spectators this season – 15,109 people.

A record visit may be re-emerging in the new city of Trnava. Within the final 19th round of the autumn part of the Fortuna League, the home team will head the AS Trenčín table on Saturday, December 5 at 6:20 pm.

The Spartak fight with the Slovakian champion will be a great attraction. The goal is to sell the new Anton Malatinski Stadium, with a capacity of approximately twenty thousand.The last match of Trnava with Slovan followed more than 15,000 people.

“We have received information that a number of fans of the special train arrive to Trnava, the Trenčín Club organizes nineteen buses and other fans have to come by individual transport,” the official website of the Trnava club quoted PR as saying. Event manager FC Spartak Marek Ondrejka.

The representatives of AS Trenčín have requested 1890 tickets for the aforementioned duel in Trnava, which is the full capacity of the guest sector.

“We believe that this will not leave cool fans or fans of Trnava and fill the stadium. It would be great if they were driving our boys forward full of tribune against the same autumn master”, added Marek Ondrejka. //

About two tdne al super zpas in Trnava.There you must not. Pomte tvořit proti Trennu řádny KOTEL na Severe !! Predaj zana u v priebehu dňa da. 😉 Posted by Spartak Trnava on November 25, 2015

The management of Spartaka is preparing a number of marketing activities for fans, in cooperation with Trenčany and ÚLK. Christmas cards with an A-team photo will be available for sale, which will give fans a symbolic one euro for the prize money prize.One of the audience gets a car.

Supporters can buy a maximum of thirty pieces of postcard per person, the sales yield is donated by the club to a hospital in Trnava. “We will support the Oncology Clinic of the Trnava University Hospital,” explained Spartaka’s PR manager.

Diane in the Spartak Trnava Fortunal Club can already watch people on new channels of communication. The club has started its official contact with Facebook as well as Twitters and Instagram.