From Princess Queen, Johaug takes the throne of Björgen. Yet?

She has run like a hurricane into the season. The first 7.5 kilometer test race in Beitostolen won forty seconds before Slinde. “It was not a light race, but the heavy snow was good for me. I feel that I was successful in the autumn training even though I broke my arm twice in the summer, “she reminded not exactly the perfect preparation.

First time at the end of July at a training camp in Switzerland she broke the left your index finger, doing the surgery and a few screws in your finger. In two weeks, she was back in training when she broke her right hand in September for the change.

She did not watch out for the training campsite in Livign and went to the ground. “She was unlucky today, she went straight to the X-ray, but I think it should be nothing serious.Again, a maximum of two weeks, “said Egil Kristiansen, a Norwegian coach.

” More bad luck he could possibly have, “commented the actions of his younger colleague Marit Bjørgen that despite the advanced stage of pregnancy remained with the Norwegian team in training. < Also, another Norwegian cross-hunter Maiken Caspersen Falla and Björgen agreed, but she added that two fractures can kick Johague even more. “Surely it will be upset if you do something like that before the start of the season, but she’s going to work harder now.”

There Johaug this season is just celebrating. With a relay or by itself.

she went.After winning at Beitostolen, she went to the Hand, the traditional venue for the start of the running season. She was 18 in the sprint, she was retiring for five kilometers. “It’s not my favorite track, it’s too short and still free. But I worked on technique, strength and speed, so I’m better at such quick races, “she commented.

The next day she won ten classics, and the Finnish minitour dominated 22 seconds before Sweden Nilsson. She was dressed in a yellow jersey for the World Cup champion.

“She was great last year and this is no worse this year,” Swedish Charlotte Kalla said at the address of her Norwegian rival. > She also confirmed this great form at home in Lillehammer, where her favorite skateboard went.The current world champion in this discipline won a monstrous minute and a half before another Norka Weng, and the second day helped significantly the Norwegian relay to win two minutes over Finland.

“I would never have thought that the season would start so great , “Has melted.” After the first four individual starts, the World Cup leads by 163 points, can anyone stop it at all if a woman who has fought most of her in recent years chooses a parental break?

The queen of cross-country skiing, so Marit Björgen nicknames. The winner of 75 SP races made her eight years younger colleague early career.They are both considered to be very good friends.


When Johaug first put out claws in 2007 , the older Norwegian has fared. In the home championship she finished third in skiatlon and received an invitation to the World Championship. At the age of 18, she took her first adult medal – in a 30-kilometer mass race, she finished classically third with Finka Kuitunen and Nora Steir. Björgen was up to ninth…

Every year, a young friend of her mentor, while at the same time her greatest rival, drew her tireless time to earn a Duracell nickname, her flashlight could not be discharged. , who had often kept up with Johwell, was Björgen.But she too has ceased in some races over time. Perhaps in 2011 at the World Championship in Oslo. It was Marit Björgen’s championship – she won gold in sprinter, skiatlon, ten classically and in the relay, but on the longest track, the free thirty was not enough, the torches faded. “I have to snatch before Therese, it was so easy.It was not possible to fight her, “said the queen of the world championship.

She already suspected that there was a tremendous talent in the village of Dalsbygda. Johaug was the first Norwegian to win the Tour de Ski, it was successful in the 2013/2014 season, when it won the World Cup overall ranking just before the six-time Olympic champion Björgen.

Who is the queen here? It will be seen in a year

Was this a replacement of the guards?

No, not yet. The more experienced Norka Johaug last year’s blow, she triumphed at the Tour de Ski, which missed her success list and dominated the World Cup.At the World Championship she took one gold medal less than the Duracell rabbit but still screamed in the world: “I’m still here!”

In the summer, Björgen announced she was interrupting her career, waiting for a baby. “I’m really looking forward to holding my baby in my arms. It will be something completely new, having responsibility for someone else, “she said. At the same time she added that she would train for as long as possible. “I would like to go back to the next season.”

She was also very happy with her friend Johaug. “I am very happy for her, I have tears in my eyes only when I think about it.I’m looking forward to being an aunt, “she said affably.

A woman who currently holds the World Cup with a firm hand.

Are we following a really permanent change on the runner’s throne, or will Björgen really come back next year and take his place again? Or someone else comes up?