22Bet mobile

22Bet22Bet mobile is an application intended for all those who want to place their bets with their cellular phones while using their player accounts at the same time. With the bet application you can add the collected funds or withdraw them instantly. Additionally, it allows you to place a bet in the form of a single or an accumulator bet and select the appropriate stake. The biggest advantage of 22Bet mobile is the possibility to watch live sports you have selected. They include football, volleyball or basketball matches according to the interests of the players.

Advanced match statistics

22Bet mobile provides the following possibilities:

  • to track the advanced match statistics,
  • to track the latest results of the favourite teams and their positions in the table.

Match statistics are very helpful when you want to place a well-thought-out bet and increase your chance of winning the final award. It is particularly useful when you want to place a bet with higher stake and combine additional 3 or 4 games of those available. This is when the statistics available in 22Bet mobile can prove useful for the players with virtually unlimited access.

Can be used anywhere in the world

An important advantage of 22Bet mobile is the fact it can be used anywhere in the world, at your convenience. In case of a win the application will make it possible for you to withdraw the funds collected and transfer them to your own bank account. With just a couple of clicks the money will be paid unless you want to multiply them. The application is so easy to use that even the beginners will be able to find the features they are looking for. It is a perfect choice for the players who value the comfort of betting particularly when you do it frequently.

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