1xBet payments

1xbet-app1xBet bookmaker company offers various options in terms of fund deposits or withdrawals. If you take a closer look at 1xBet payments you will see that the money available to the players can be transferred to e.g.:

  • credit card,
  • bank account,
  • pre-paid card.

The most important is that 1xBet payments can be used not only with the most renowned credit cards or banks but also the less popular ones. Therefore, the withdrawal of money should not be a problem for anyone as it can be done even with the publicly available mobile application. All it takes is to download it to your mobile phone.

What are the options available for the players?

It must be mentioned that 1x Bet payments offers the possibility to withdraw your money from your bank account or the credit card you hold. If you want to transfer some funds to the player’s account you can do it quickly and securely. This applies also to the virtual wallet into which you can have your funds transferred after they are withdrawn. However, it is the players who decide when the money is to be deposited and when the fund withdrawal option should be used. There are so many options available that everyone will find one of their interest. This is why 1xBet payments outperform other offers available on the internet.

Full comfort and security

Anyone who is interested in making 1xBet payments should be aware that it is a fully comfortable and secure solution. A huge advantage of the above-mentioned payments is the fact that the money can be transferred to or withdrawn from the player’s account almost immediately in case it is needed in the „real world“ to be spent e.g. on shopping as previously planned. It is recommended to test all the options available to find out for oneself which is the most appropriate one and the one and only to be used in the future. Available are also PaySafeCard or MoneySafe which makes the options very versatile and extensive.

1xBet special offers

1xBet bookmaker offers a number of attractive special offers and bonuses. Now we want to take a closer look at those available on 1xBet website as they are really attractive!