We do not have to hang the heads, teammate Gebre Selassie

Although Czech footballers are experiencing the worst start to qualifying in history, they do not want to skip skepticism. And Defender Theodor Gebre Selassie believes that with just two points out of three matches nothing is lost and that there is still a chance to fight the world championship.

“It is not ideal but there is still a lot “It’s not written that we can not get points out, but of course we can not help but we can not keep our heads,” said Gebre Selassie after a game.

The teammates agree that the biggest problem is now in productivity – neither in the third qualifying match did the Czechs score. “Sometimes it will happen that a struggle comes when you dominate, but you fail on your own unproductiveness.I think we had chances enough to have scored at least once, “ said right bek bundesligových Bremen.

He had a good chance at the end of half, when he ran up to the tip and head threaten visiting goalkeeper “I was just trying to get it to fly to the gate. It was going to be better, but at that moment I was trying to make it go to the gate. “

Overall, the first half of the Czech side was more successful, after the change of the sides was already angry and Azerbaijan. “They were still dangerous from breads. Once we were really out there and it could have been worse, “admitted Gebre Selassie. ” We entered the game as I wanted. We got our opponents under pressure, but the second half was a little cramping.We could not move on to some creative idea, “he added.

He did not complain about the fact that the Czechs were in a completely new composition with four debutants in the base line. ” We played against Germany in the group that played together for the first time. Of course, this is not optimal, we know, but we can not excuse it. We all play in our clubs, it’s not like we were not playing football and sitting on the bench, “said Gebre Selassie.

He appreciated the atmosphere created by fans at the stadium in Ostrava. The atmosphere was fantastic. I have not seen this in the Czech Republic yet. It’s just a shame we could not win the audience with victory, “he added.